This website is hosted on a VPS – and built with free WordPress. The SSL certificate is free from Let’s Encrypt. And uses free outgoing email service from MailGun. Many of the photos on my site came from the free to download & royalty-free photo website: PixaBay – check them out!

Even you can build your own online store which only accepts cryptocurrency – hosted on a VPS with only as little as $5/month.

If you are looking to schedule events (i.e. if you are looking to accept cryptocurrency only – although you can use usual payment processors as well), visit my EVENTS DEMO website. When I set up this demonstration site with OpenTickets, I had to disable HTTP Authentication for orders with OpenTickets to work correctly – otherwise it requires users to be logged in to get tickets.

Using the plug-ins below and a free BTCPay Server hosted merchant payment processor (e.g. or another shown on BTCPay Server 3rd party hosting webpage.) Or you can pay to setup your own BTCPay Server on a VPS (e.g. watch the LunaNode “how-to” Video and set one up using LunaNode “easy-to-use” API setup).


This site uses the following items as well…

Theme: FreeShop


Events Ticketing plug-in:


Non-Cryptocurrency Plug-ins:


WooCommerce Cart by Xootix

WooCommerce Waitlist by Xootix

WP Mail SMTP by WPForms

Contact Form by WPForms


Cryptocurrency Plug-ins:



TurtlePay (TurtleCoin)

RYO Currency

BTCPay Server WooCommerce Plug-in(BTC, LTC)
(BTCPay Server account required)

Bitcoin Cash
(This plugin needs APIs, you can get your own API access from…)

DogeCoin (they offer TONS of coin options)


Want to contact me?

We are in BETA - please be patient with any orders placed. I have verified XMR, BCH plugins are functional. I have setup but not yet tested BTC, LTC, RYO, DOGE (they should be functional). TRTL is not yet setup. XNV plug-in is not working correctly. !!! Dismiss this notice to see the menu. ---> Dismiss

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